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Crossfire Barrel Kit

Crossfire Barrel Kit

Crossfire Barrel Kit
tippmann A5 crossfire marker
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It's fun to transform your paintball gun into a tactical weapon for scenario gaming. But don't do it if you have to sacrifice accuracy! Accuracy is extremely important in any paintball game, no matter what your marker looks like; it won't matter if you can't hit anything.

The Crossfire Barrel Kit is an excellent way to not only instantly transform your paintball gun into a tactical assault rifle, it will also upgrade its accuracy and range. This kit is easy to install and will fit most paintball guns.

The Crossfire Barrel Kit is super sturdy and made out of aircraft grade aluminum, so it's also super lightweight and will not weigh down your gun. The RIS handguard is covered with standard weaver/picatinny style rails so it's compatible with most paintball gun and rifle accessories. 

The Crossfire Barrel Kit also includes a rifled barrel that you can customize the length of when you order (see below for details). It's the rifling in the barrel that makes your paintball shoot much straighter and more accurately. Choose a lengthier barrel for greater range or to give your paintball marker a sniper's advantage.

The Crossfire Barrel Kit also comes with a removeable muzzle brake, so you can trade it out with a mock silencer or customize it with a different muzzle brake if you want. See below for different muzzle brake options if you want to capture a specific look.

Buy the Crossfire Barrel Kit from Choicepaintballguns to customize and upgrade your tactical paintball gun for an affordable price. This product is always in stock and ready to ship. You will love our customer service, easy checkout process and fast shipping options.
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