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BT Paintball Gun APEX2 Barrel

BT Paintball Gun APEX2 Barrel

BT Paintball Gun APEX2 Barrel
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This version of the APEX2 barrel will fit the tactical rifled barrel, tactical barrels and 7/8 inch recon barrels for the BT paintball gun.

Finally, a version of the APEX with the look of a silencer! The benefits of the APEX far outweigh the fact that it has kind of a funny shape and looks a bit clunky on the end of your rifled barrel. Well not any more! The APEX2 Barrel w/MK Silencer is a marriage of the APEX barrel and the awesome looking MK Silencer.

Paintball gun silencers are generally only for looks and may lengthen your barrel a couple inches, however beyond that are mostly non-functional; they do not actually silence your shot. However with the APEX2 Barrel w/MK Silencer, now you can have a cool look to your gun with your silencer actually improving your performance.

The APEX barrel has a small switch on its side allowing you to choose what you want your shot to do. Curve your shot left, right, up or down with the flick of the switch; quickly and easily. You can also choose a straighter, farther trajectory. The APEX barrel can be compared to Tippmann’s Flatline Barrel in distance and accuracy. It’s hard to believe but the APEX barrel will actually allow you to curve your shot around objects to hit your target. Your enemies only thought they were safe hiding behind bunkers!

The APEX barrel will cause dramatic improvements in your paintball gun’s distance and accuracy. The control the APEX barrel gives you is such an advantage on the paintball field, you will almost feel like you’re cheating! The APEX2 barrel w/MK Silencer is compatible with all Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels, Tactical Barrels, Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3 7/8th inch Recon Barrels, and Tippmann X7 7/8th inch Recon Barrels.
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