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Bob Long High Performance Competition Paintball Markers Win Tournaments Because Of Their Speed & Agility. Here We Offer Bob Long Electronic Paintball Guns For Sale At The Best Prices

In order to be competitive in tournament style paintball, a fast, electronic paintball gun is a must.  Cheap paintball markers may be easier on the budget but they often lack the technology and speed to keep up with the demands of competitive speedball.  Many players choose a Bob Long paintball gun when they cross over into higher level tournament play because these markers have a reputation for being the best and the most reliable.  Bob Long markers are extremely lightweight, high performance paintball guns that will easily take you into the winner’s bracket.

Bob Long paintball guns have a long history in the sport – proving they’re a trusted brand.  Originally, these were some of the first high performance, competition paintball markers for serious tournament players.  Bob Long guns have continued to change and grow with the sport by updating and improving parts, materials and technology each year.  With several models to choose from, Bob Long electronic paintball markers are not cheap, low-end guns and best used by intermediate to advanced players.
Bob Long paintball guns are incredibly popular among top level athletes because they scream high performance.  All Bob Long markers are amazingly lightweight with the heaviest gun weighing in at just over 2 lbs.  This makes these guns super easy to wield and awesome for fast action maneuvering and quick shooting in tournaments.  Bob Long paintball guns are also very well balanced, even with a full hopper of paintballs on board.
By owning a Bob Long competition paintball gun, you will have a definite advantage in any battle you get into because of speed.  All Bob Long markers will astound you how fast they can shoot with their top guns blasting up to 30 bps!  These tournament style paintball guns require the fastest electronic hoppers to feed paintballs at the highest speeds.  Bob Long markers also feature a lever lock feed neck that’s compatible with all standard paintball hoppers.
The newest models of Bob Long paintball guns have been blessed with the latest technology OLED Boards.  The OLED board is an electronic board that runs the functions of your gun.  It makes the latest Bob Long paintball markers extra fast and even more efficient.  While Bob Long guns are high performance markers, they require high pressure air tanks and cannot use CO2.  It’s common to get up to 15 ammo pods from a 68/4500 compressed air tank from any of Bob Long tournament markers. 
The new Bob Long OLED boards also allow up to 9 different firing modes you can program and choose from.  Another great feature about these boards is how easy they are to access.  Bob Long paintball guns are a cinch to maintain because you can access the bolt without any tools and there are no external hoses or macro lines to contend with.  These guns can be field stripped in just a few minutes for fast action cleaning between games. 
While the prices of Bob Long guns often put them out of reach for a beginner’s budget, advanced players jump with the release of a new Bob Long.  If you crave the speed and excitement of the latest cutting edge technology in paintball, a Bob Long paintball gun is your best pick!  Come to our online store, ChoicePaintballGuns for the best selection of the latest Bob Long inventory.  We understand these paintball guns are a commitment and this is why we take your order seriously and professionally with excellent customer service.

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