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APEX-2 Barrel Adaptor

APEX-2 Barrel Adaptor

APEX-2 Barrel Adaptor
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The APEX-2 Barrel Adaptor allows you to attach the APEX-2 Barrel to all T68 series, tactical barrels, tactical rifled barrels, Recon Rifled Barrels and Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels. Once the adaptor is installed, simply thread the APEX-2 on the tip of barrel. The APEX-2 barrel head is an accessory that will greatly improve your performance and allow you to pull off crazy shots. This adaptor will make it easy to remove and install the APEX-2 and change it out with a muzzle or silencer.

With this adapter you can attach your APEX tip to your thread on - barrel, giving you the abilitty to take more accurate, farther or even curved shots common to the APEX barrel. Compatible with all Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels, Tactical Barrels, Spyder MR Recon Barrels, and Tippmann X7 Recon Barrels.

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