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Alpha Black Tactical Sniper Paintball Gun

Alpha Black Tactical Sniper Paintball Gun

Alpha Black Tactical Sniper Paintball Gun
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The Tippmann Alpha Black sniper paintball gun is the ultimate military tactical marker for beginners and experts alike; reliable, accurate, easy to use and cheap to buy.

This Package Includes:
- 1 x US Army Alpha Black Marker
- 1 x GemTech Silencer
- 1 x 18 Inch Recon Rifled Sniper Barrel
- 1 x 20mm Rail with Mounting Screws
- 1 x RIS Bipod
- 1 x Offset Clamp Style Feed Neck Hopper Adapter
- 1 x Easy Flow Hopper
- 1 x Offset Rail
- 1 x Scope Mount Base
- 1 x Tactical 9x32 Sniper Scope

The Alpha Black Tactical Sniper brings the benefits of a high powered sniper rifle without the hassles of a gun that’s too ‘over the top’ technical. Most of the top sniper paintball guns are so technical and have so many little parts, they can be a real headache when something goes wrong; the Alpha Black Sniper keeps it simple.

This sniper paintball gun offers a delightful synergism of performance, realistic tactical look and simple maintenance. Easy to use and powerful right out of the box, the Alpha Black Tactical Sniper is great for the beginner sniper, but also highly used by the expert paintball marksman.

The Alpha Black Tactical Sniper marker is everything you could possibly want in a sniper paintball gun. This marker is perfect for making dead-on accurate shots from far distances. For paintball standards, this means about 300+ feet. The accessories on this sniper gun are excellent quality and designed to greatly improve the accuracy of your shooting.

The Alpha Black Tactical sniper features an 18 inch rifled barrel - plus the added length of the Gem Tech thread on silencer, adding another 4 inches for a whopping total of 22 inches. The rifling inside the barrel consists of tiny grooves that provide the ball with a spin-free projection, allowing for a straighter trajectory in flight. The extended length of the barrel will also add greater distance to your shot as well.

This gun also features a long range 9 x 32 sniper scope to help dial in your target. The scope's conveniently attached to the gun's carry handle with the scope mount base and offset by the dual universal offset mount. This also allows for another mount platform to add a laser or red dot if you want. The hopper feed neck is also offset, ensuring a clean line of sight with the scope.

Finally, your aiming couldn't be better by steadying your marker with the RIS bipod attached with a 20mm rail underneath the handguard. The bipod also features a convenient 45 degree swivel effect so you don't have to uproot your gun to take on another target. This paintball gun is the perfect sniper!

Purchase top quality sniper paintball equipment from ChoicePaintballGuns. We have an excellent selection and know what you're looking for before you do! Our company is all about bringing great deals on excellent gear, then standing behind our customers after they buy it. Feel free to contact us with your questions about this paintball gun or anything paintball.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 4.3
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New buyer Submitted by steven tillery on Wed 15 Sep 2021 2:29:04 AM GMT
Submitted by Wally on Sun 12 Sep 2021 1:50:37 AM GMT
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