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Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker

Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker

Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker
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The Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite M4 Replica Tactical Paintball Gun features an authentic M4 handguard, accurate rifled barrel kit, offset scope mount base & Red Dot scope for unmatched realism & incredibly precise shooting.

This Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun Package Includes:
- 1 x US Army Alpha Black Marker
- 1 x M4 Handguard & Barrel Kit
- 1 x M4/M16 Carry Handle Scope Mount Base
- 1 x 45 Degree Mount
- 1 x LETS 1x46 Red Dot Scope

The best tactical paintball guns are not only realistic looking but easy to wield and versatile for use in different positions. The Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker is nearly an exact replica of the famous M4 Carbine rifle used by military and police. The Alpha Black M4 Carbine Tactical Marker is an excellent rifle for both fast moving, close quarter battles and long distance shooting as well. You will love the realistic weight and feel of this gun, not to mention how easy it is to wield in quick targeting situations.

The trigger on the Alpha Black M4 has an amazing fast response but you can also upgrade this marker to fully automatic for the most realistic gun possible (see options below to add this to your order). With the Red Dot scope, it's easy to be accurate even for a beginner. The Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker also comes with an offset mount (despite the picture) so you can still use your scope without the hopper obstructing your view. The 1x46 red dot scope included with this package is easy to use and excellent for being able to hone in on your target quickly.

The Alpha Black M4 marker also features a realistic carbine hand guard and 16 inch barrel, giving this paintball gun excellent range and precise distance shooting. Whether held at the waste for a powerful spray of paint bullets or cocked against your shoulder for precision aiming, the Alpha Black M4 Carbine marker is very versatile. 

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