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Alkin 2 Man HPA Fill Station - with Regulator

Alkin 2 Man HPA Fill Station - with Regulator

Alkin 2 Man HPA Fill Station - with Regulator
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Keeping paintball players aired-up and ready for action is serious business! Paintball players without air can’t play, but HPA air fills must be quick to obtain and completely safe, and with more players, you need to be able to refill faster – that’s where the Alkin Two Man fill station with regulator comes in!

A paintball fill station allows 2 paintball players to simply step up, lock a quick disconnect onto their paintball compressed air bottle and push a button to top off their bottle and head back to the action!  The regulator ensures precise, safe filling of tanks. 

Simple to operate and safe for fills up to 4,500psi, the Alkin Single Man paintball fill station is an ideal choice for any paintball playing field or park looking for efficient and safe paintball compressed air fills!

Standard Features:

• Anti rust power coated frame
• Stainless steel side push filler valve
• Regulator
• Air pressure gauge
• 2300-4500 PSI operating pressure
• Built in regulator to adjust final pressure
• Stainless steel handle
• 1/8 JIC “Air in” and “Air out” connections
• Filler hose with elbow and Quick connect valve • Removable back panel for easy servicing
• Screw holes for Wall/Table mount
• Available in blue and red colors

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