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Transform Your Tactical Paintball Gun Into A Realistic Replica AK47 Military Assault Rifle With An Upgrade Kit. Here We Offer The Best AK47 Parts Packages & Accessory Kits For Sale At Discount Prices

The AK47 was first developed in the Soviet Union on 1947.  It remains to be the most widely used and popular assault rifle in the world.  AK47 replica paintball guns are also extremely popular and are available by most of the best brands.  If you’re favorite tactical paintball gun company doesn’t offer an AK47 model, don’t worry!  There are many AK47 upgrade kits that fit at least the most popular markers; here is the best selection you will find on the internet…
Tippmann AK47 Kits

Tippmann AK47 Kits

Tippmann 98 AK47 KitTippmann 98 AK47 Kit
Tippmann 98 AK47-B Complete KitTippmann 98 AK47-B Complete Kit
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 KitTippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 Kit
Tippmann X7 Tacamo AK47 KitTippmann X7 Tacamo AK47 Kit
Tippmann X7 Tacamo Krinkov Wood AK47 KitTippmann X7 Tacamo Krinkov Wood AK47 Kit
T68 AK47

T68 AK47

AK47 upgrade kits are a great way to turn your existing paintball marker into an amazing military replica assault rifle.  There are AK47 kits available for nearly all Tippman paintball guns, Spyder and even the magazine fed Rap4 T68.  AK47 accessory parts kits are generally very easy to install and also quite affordable on nearly any budget, making transformation to this realistic weapon simple and cheap.
Most AK47 parts packages include realistic wooden stocks and handguards; some even offer wood overlay for your gun’s grip.  The best kits also come with the classic banana shaped magazine clip; however, these do not hold live ammo (with the exception of kits for the T68).  AK47 upgrade kit magazines for guns other than the T68 Gen7 are nonfunctional, however can often be used as small storage compartments; great for tools, extra parts or gun cleaning supplies.
When purchasing an AK47 upgrade kit, try to keep the overall weight of your gun in mind.  Perhaps the only disadvantage of AK47 paintball guns is their weight; the buttstocks and barrels of these guns are extremely realistic, however, often add considerable weight to the marker.  This should be taken into account if you also want to add optics to your gun, like a red dot sight or sniper scope.
Some paintballers like the realistic feel of a heavier rifle, as sometimes the added weight may bring more balance to the gun giving it a more powerful feel when it shoots.  If the weight of a paintball AK47 rifle is an issue for you, some upgrade kits include plastic polymer simulated wood for the stock and hand guard, keeping these parts much lighter.  While skimping a bit on realism, polymer/simulated wood grain AK47 gun parts are also nearly indestructible to dings and scratches. 
ChoicePaintballGuns.com is the place to come if you’re looking for an awesome, realistic AK47 tactical paintball assault rifle.  Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a whole new marker!  Save money when you get an upgrade kit and turn your existing gun into the best military replica AK47 on the scenario battlefield!  We offer discount prices on an amazing selection of paintball AK47 parts packages you won’t find anywhere else on the internet!

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