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Become The Best Paintball Sniper With A Gun That's Deadly Silent, Shoots Farther & More Accurately Than Any Other Marker. Here We Offer The Airowgun Compound Bow Tactical Paintball Gun For Sale At A Cheap Price

As a sniper, being completely silent when shooting will allow you to stay in your hiding spot to pick off multiple players; if your paintball gun is too noisy, it may give your position away and you will have to move.  For snipers, the best kept secret in paintball is the Airowgun.  This marker is not only noiseless, it also shoots farther and straighter than even the best paintball sniper rifle.  Powered entirely by its bowstring, the Airowgun also does not require the use of a cumbersome air tank….
Airowgun Accessories

Airowgun Accessories

The Airowgun is what you get when you cross a compound hunting bow with a paintball gun.  The Airowgun paintball marker is not only unique looking but also a great deal; you get two weapons for the price of one!  Its base is a fully functional compound bow that can also be used as such for target practice or even small game hunting.  With the paintball apparatus and barrel attached, your bow becomes a tactical marker that will shoot farther and much more accurately than even the best sniper paintball guns.  
The Airowgun tactical paintball gun is simple to operate.  Paintballs are dropped one by one into the firing chamber when the bow string is drawn, then hammered by a rod when the string is released to blast the ball out of the attached barrel.  The Airowgun relies solely on it’s own bowstring power to fire balls…. requiring no paintball gun air tank!  Just imagine never running out of air or having to find some place to refill your tanks! 
While the Airowgun can only be fired one ball at a time per draw of the string, it’s power and accuracy far exceed that of the average paintball gun.  Airowgun weapons shoot farther, straighter and more accurately than most all other paintball guns.  On average, they out-range most other markers by at least 30 feet.  Their speed can also be controlled by a simple air pressure control knob allowing adjustment from 240-280 fps.
The Airowgun shoots .68 caliber paintballs that are fed by a 10 round feeding tube; however, a standard size paintball gun hopper will work just as well.  This compound bow converted paintball rifle will also accept a site rail to mount a sniper scope to improve accuracy even more.  The Airowgun is also super lightweight and often easier to wield than most tactical markers decked out with similar features.  These guns are also extremely cheap to buy and virtually maintenance-free.
Add a new dimension to your tactical game with the Airowgun.  Try the challenge of becoming a stealthy, silent paintball sniper with uncanny accuracy; if you’re looking for extreme precision sniping on the paintball field, the Airowgun must be in your quiver of markers.  You will also love how much money and trouble the Airowgun compound bow paintball marker will save you not having to deal with a bulky air tank that has to be filled every time you want to play.  Purchase your Airowgun paintball marker from for the best deal and cheapest prices on the internet!
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