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AirowGun Paintball Conversion Kit

AirowGun Paintball Conversion Kit

AirowGun Paintball Conversion Kit
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Shooting paintballs with your Airowgun is the sport of hunting humans on the paintball field! If you have an Airowgun designed for shooting pellets, this is the kit you need to convert it to shoot paintballs.

The Airowgun Paintball Conversion Kit is super easy to install; you can exchange the pellet conversion kit with this with just two quick turns right there on the field. Soon you will agree, playing paintball is even more fun than shooting pellets!

The Airowgun Paintball Conversion Kit includes the paintball receiver unit, fourteen round feed tube and .68 caliber barrel. It does not however, include the air push receiver. This kit is designed to be used only if you already own the Airowgun pellet gun unit and want to convert it to paintball.

Transform your Airowgun Pellet shooting bow to a paintball gun with the Airowgun Paintball Conversion Kit for very little money! Buy this kit from Choicepaintballguns because we are reputable, authorized dealers of Airowgun and all Airowgun accessories. You will love our discount prices and excellent service.
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