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AirowGun Air Chamber Shield Shroud

AirowGun Air Chamber Shield Shroud

AirowGun Air Chamber Shield Shroud
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A great tactical paintball gun is not only accurate and powerful, but also looks the part. The best tactical markers look like real life replicas of actual firearms. Scopes, grips, stocks, handguards and shrouds are great for adding to the realistic appearance of your gun.

If you're the lucky owner of an Airowgun, add the Airowgun Air Chamber Shield to the paintball or pellet unit of this marker for a more realistic look. The shroud is easy to install and also adds more protection to the Airowgun air chamber.

The Airowgun Air Chamber Shield adds a more military look to your gun and also more protection by giving it a type of body armor. Buy the Airowgun Air Chamber Shield from for a cheap price and a reliable source for top quality paintball accessories.

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