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Tippmann A5 RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber

Tippmann A5 RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber

Tippmann A5 RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber
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Adding an expansion chamber to your paintball marker will greatly improve it's shot consistency and reliability! The expansion chamber gives the CO2 a place to warm up/equalize its temperature before it goes into the marker; this will reduce velocity spikes and improve your accuracy.

The Tippmann A5 RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber will not only improve the performance of you gun, but will give your A5 an awesome tactical look. Turn your paintball marker into a war machine with this Magazine 4 Chamber Expansion System. Dress up your Tippmann A5 like an RAS sub machine gun!

An Expansion chamber is used on a gun that uses CO2, however not needed if you use high pressure air. The more chambers an expansion chamber has, the better it works. Please select the correct magazine expansion chamber version for the A5 (new version - bought after 2011, or classic - bought before 2011).

Select the correct version from the options below....
If you want to use a remote line on your marker, select the remote line version. This will include:
1 x Quick Disconnect Adapter (Male)
1 x 45 Dgree Elbow

If you want to use the air line that comes stock on the A5, select the Air Source Adapter Version; this will include:
1 x 6 Inch Steel Braided CO2 Hose
1 x Male/Female 90 Degree Elbow

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