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Eliminate More Opponents From Any Position With Improved Marksmanship From A SLY High Performance Paintball Barrel. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of SLY Paintball Barrels & Barrel Kits For Sale At Cheap, Discount Prices

If your paintball gun shoots farther and more accurately than your opponent’s, you will have a definite tactical advantage no matter what position you play on the field.  Upgrading your marker with an after market barrel is the cheapest and easiest way to make the fastest, most noticeable improvements in your paintball gun’s range and precision.  SLY paintball barrels are a favored choice of the best paintball athletes because they improve both the look and performance of your marker and are compatible with nearly all brands; here is their complete selection…
SLY Pro-Merc Dual Carbon Diesel Barrel KitSLY Pro-Merc Dual Carbon Diesel Barrel Kit

Upgrading your paintball gun with a SLY barrel is a great choice whether you play tournament speedball or scenario woodsball.  SLY paintball barrels come in stylish colors that look great on competition guns and even camouflage to compliment any realistic tactical paintball marker you want to blend into a woodsy environment.  SLY barrels are easy to install and are available in 12, 14 and 16 inch lengths as well as different bore sizes that allow for the best custom match to your favorite paintball ammo.
One of the reasons it’s so easy to rule the paintball field with a SLY barrel attached to your marker is because of the patented technology they offer.  SLY paintball barrels have a dual 100% carbon fiber design making them one of the lightest barrels on the market.  They also feature a cutting edge sealant process making them nearly indestructible and resistant to scratches.  The supreme accuracy SLY barrels boast is because of a patented taper technology and porting configuration on the barrel tips allowing for incredibly precise control of the trajectory.  Even though the longest SLY barrel is 16 inches, they’re still excellent choices for sniper paintball guns because they’re exceptionally quiet as well.
SLY paintball barrels also offer the ability to customize different looks and bore sizes with your gun.  Unless you purchase a SLY barrel kit, SLY barrels come in two pieces; a back that is customized to your particular brand name marker and the bore size you choose, and a front with different graphics and length to choose from.  Before purchasing, realize SLY barrel kits come with both back and front pieces, while SLY barrels only come with the front part of the barrel. 
With the new stylish custom look and incredible performance boost, you will have new confidence on the paintball field when you use a SLY barrel on your marker.  It doesn’t matter whether you play a forward or back field position, you will surely be voted team MVP with the new range and precision you will have when using a SLY paintball gun barrel.  While these are not the cheapest barrels, the quality and improved precision you experience is well worth the price.  Outfit your paintball gun with a SLY barrel from Choicepaintballguns for the best selection, lowest prices and easiest shopping you will find on the internet.  

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