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90 Degree Adapter

90 Degree Adapter

90 Degree Adapter
90 degree adapter + gun90 degree adapter + gunB
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The 90 degree remote line adaptor is the fastest and easiest way to have nonstop action on the battle field. Running out of air in the middle of a game is a problem; hopefully you’re carrying an extra tank with you. If not, your game is done and you’re a sitting target until you can get to the safe zone.

The 90 degree remote line adapter allows you to quickly connect a second tank to your gun with the use of a remote line. This piece fits between your paintball marker and the air tank. The one way valve allows air to be pulled from the second tank as soon as the first one’s empty.

The 90 degree remote line adaptor will fit on most paintball guns but they’re particularly great if you use a flexi-air buttstock. The T68 Gen6 comes stock with the flexi-air buttstock, but you can also get them for most Tippmann model markers and other guns. If you choose the 5oz. CO2 or 3000psi air tank option, your tank will be a small enough to be completely hidden within the stock. Efficient as they are, these tanks are small and you will run out of air quickly.

This is where the 90 degree remote line adaptor comes in handy! Never get caught again in the middle of battle taking time changing tanks again with this magnificent little paintball accessory! Once you’re main tank runs out, simply connect your remote line to the plug and voila – your paintball gun’s now powered by the air tank you were carrying on your back. Small, compact and cheap – these are a great buy at!
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