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Dmag Helix Magazine (10 Pack)

Dmag Helix Magazine (10 Pack)

Dmag Helix Magazine (10 Pack)
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Shaped Projectiles are not round like paintballs, and they have harder shells. The geometry of Shaped Projectiles is different from paintballs, and in paintball mags, can cause snags, jams, and create additional friction in the feeding process. Therefore Shaped Projectiles need a stronger spring. If you are shooting Shaped Projectiles you will need to change to a stronger spring that is designed for Shaped Projectiles.
DMAG HELIX mags come with standard-strength springs engineered for paintballs. Paintball shells are made of gelatin, and when they are exposed to humidity or warm climates, can dimple or change their shapes. This damages their accuracy and reliability…but can be avoided through top-end engineering. DMAG HELIX springs are engineered to work specifically with paintballs by exerting the right amount of force for positive feeding even at high cyclic rates, without causing damage to the paint under tension.
- Holds 20+ rounds, continuously fed
- No winding – this prevents tangling and jamming of the internal spring
- Disassembly is completely tool-less
- Made in USA 
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