US Army Alpha Black Paintball Markers
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Tippmann US Army Tactical Paintball Guns Are The Best For Getting Started In Scenario Paintball. Here We Offer Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Guns & Custom Tactical Markers On Sale For Cheap Prices

If you want to start scenario paintballing, one of the best tactical paintball gun to start with is the Tippmann US Army Alpha Black.  This .68 caliber, realistic M4 replica is Tippmann’s flagship marker in their US Army Series paintball guns and has quickly become one of the most popular tactical markers available today.  This gun comes in a variety of colors and parts package deals; all for sale at cheap prices – here is a great selection…
Alpha Black Enforcer MarkerAlpha Black Enforcer Marker
Alpha Black M16 Tactical Marker (Out of Stock)Alpha Black M16 Tactical Marker (Out of Stock)
Alpha Black M4 Tactical MarkerAlpha Black M4 Tactical Marker
Alpha Black Tactical RIS MarkerAlpha Black Tactical RIS Marker
Tippmann Alpha Black Elite Power PackTippmann Alpha Black Elite Power Pack
Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Power PackTippmann Alpha Black Tactical Power Pack
US Army Alpha Black Elite Marker Power PackUS Army Alpha Black Elite Marker Power Pack
US Army Alpha Black Elite Paintball GunUS Army Alpha Black Elite Paintball Gun

Tippmann’s US Army Alpha Black paintball gun is loved by both beginner and advanced players because of its durability, performance and upgrade potential.  The Alpha Black is super light, easy to wield and shoots accurately with no mods or upgrades necessary.  It also has plenty of power, with a realistic kick behind every shot; don’t worry, the Alpha Black has terrific control for both short and long range firing.
The US Army Alpha Black features a sturdy, lightweight die-cast aluminum receiver that will outlast your desire to play.  These tactical markers are hopper fed but have a realistic, removable magazine that you can use a tool kit.  An M4 carbine style 6-position adjustable stock and shroud with built-in front sight brings the Tippmann Alpha Black an ultra realistic look ready for scenario paintball right out of the box.
Besides fantastic performance, players love the US Army Alpha Black paintball gun because it’s so upgradeable!  There are tons of barrels, butt stocks, grips, tactical gun parts, mods and upgrades available for the Alpha Black.  There are also several upgrade kits you can buy to completely customize or transform your Tippmann Alpha Black into a totally different looking paintball gun. 
Another reason why the US Army Series Tippmann paintball guns make such great first time markers is because of their solid 2 year warranty.  Tippmann is a company with 25 years experience and offer some of the best warranties in the business.  Purchasing any Tippmann paintball gear is always a safe bet for not just great quality, but excellent service as well.
Add some realism to your scenario paintball game with the US Army Tippmann Alpha Black tactical paintball gun.  Browse our huge selection of Alpha Black basic markers and custom paintball machine guns; we also carry a full line of parts, upgrades and mod kits for the US Army Alpha Black.  You’ll be surprised at how affordable these guns are!  At ChoicePaintballGuns, our cheap prices make online shopping for tactical paintball equipment affordable for any budget.
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