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T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper

T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper

T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper
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Paintball is a dynamic game. Your situation can and will change quickly. One minute you are sniping at long range and the next your position has been compromised with enemies moving in. Regardless of your position on the field you are going to be in situations where you need accuracy at all ranges; long distance sniping, mid range and even close quarter combat. Most paintball guns are designed and best used for very specific situations. These rifles leave you at a tactical disadvantage any time you find yourself in a situation that marker is not specifically designed for.
The Rap4 T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper Rifle is a highly versatile paintball gun that works great in every position on the field and provides a tactical advantage in any situation. The Rap4 T68 Gen7 Extreme Paintball Sniper Rifle is not only equipped for precision sniping, but also packs the serious power and speed needed for mid range and close quarter fighting.  This gives you the versatility you need to win regardless of the scenario.
The Rap4 T68 Gen7 Extreme Paintball Sniper is a .68 caliber magazine fed tactical paintball gun that’s an extremely realistic looking military replica assault rifle. It uses a fully functional 20 round removable magazine that can be upgraded to also include a 200 round hopper (if you choose the Splitfire dual feed adaptor system from the options below). This gun comes stock with the internal flexi air system and remote line adaptor buttstock option. If you prefer other “air in the stock” configurations you can chose them instead.
The Rap4 T68 Gen7 Extreme Paintball Sniper Rifle also comes with an accurate 14 inch tactical Raptor barrel and 4inche Gem Tech thread silencer giving you 18 inches of total length. If you want your marker more tailored for sniping you can upgrade to an 18 inch tactical rifled barrel for even more precision. It also comes with the retractable folding bipod great for stabilization on precision sniper shots and an amazing scope. The T68 Gen7 has an advanced hammer and power spring, delivering head shots at 150 feet, with a max range of 300 feet. Its velocity is fully adjustable fitting your tactical needs in any situation.
If you find yourself in close enough range and needing to take out a bunker or even a whole team, the T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper features the explosive Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher. This fierce looking accessory is a powerful cannon that make this tactical paintball marker so effective for close quarter combat. You can also get a super cheap deal on grenade shells and the Thunder Grenade Charger when you choose them as additional accessories from the options below.
Despite being extremely sturdy, versatile, reliable and accurate these markers come with an amazing 5 year warranty; the longest in the industry. This paintball marker will last you for a very long time; it's not just a purchase, it's an investment.
RAP4 Gen7 Extreme Paintball Sniper Rifle Package Includes:
- 1 x T68 Gen7
- 1 x 20 Rounds Detachable Magazine
- 1 x Magazine Kit
- 1 x Internal Flexi Air System
- 1 x 14 Inch Raptor Tactical Barrel
- 1 x Tactical M4 Carbine Handguard
- 1 x Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher [long]
- 1 x 20mm Rail
- 1 x Universal Bipod Kit
- 1 x Socom Silencer
- 1 x 3-9X40 Rubber Armor Scope
- 1 x 1 Inch Ring Mount
- 1 x M16/M4 Scope Mount Base
- 5 x Year Warranty
At ChoicePaintballGuns, we take your passion for paintball seriously and realize the high cost of paintball equipment. This is why we put such an emphasis on quality service, secure shopping and prices as low as possible. Being an online tactical paintball gun and supplies store we do not have the expensive overhead and other operating costs of traditional brick and mortar paintball gun stores. These savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer the RAP4 Gen7 Extreme Paintball Sniper Rifle and other top rated premium tactical paintball makers and supplies at the best prices possible. Buy this paintball gun from us today... you will not regret it!
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
This gun has the juice!Great weight and feel to this marker. Awesome power and fun to shoot. Magazine feed and grenade launcher is totally realistic Written by Pete on Thu 3 May 2012 10:20:34 PM GMT
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