Paintball Grenade Launcher & Landmine Accessories
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Paintball Grenades & Exploding Landmines Are Some Of The Most Exciting Tactical Gear In The Game. Here We Offer The Best Accessories Required By Paintball Grenades & Landmines For Sale

Paintball landmines and grenades are fantastic realistic accessories for any scenario paintball game.  These items bring fun, strategic advantages and a new excitement to military simulation type play.  Landmines and paintball grenade launchers do however require certain necessary accoutrements; here is a selection of everything you will need…
AG1 Thunder Grenade ChargerAG1 Thunder Grenade Charger
AG1 Thunder Grenade Charger with RegulatorAG1 Thunder Grenade Charger with Regulator
Charger w/Regulator + 12g Disposable CO2 AdapterCharger w/Regulator + 12g Disposable CO2 Adapter
Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Bag of 1000)Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Bag of 1000)
Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Bag of 250)Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Bag of 250)
M203 Thunder GrenadeM203 Thunder Grenade
M68 Thunder Grenade (Out of Stock)M68 Thunder Grenade (Out of Stock)
M80 Explosion Simulator CapsM80 Explosion Simulator Caps
Quick Change 12g CO2 AdapterQuick Change 12g CO2 Adapter
RAP4 Paint MixRAP4 Paint Mix
Smoke Simulation PowderSmoke Simulation Powder

When using a paintball grenade launcher or landmine, get ready to greatly enhance your scenario game!  This tactical paintball equipment will bring a realism to your play like nothing else.  Be prepared to purchase more accessories however to make them work.  Both paintball grenade launchers and landmines function in a similar manner, requiring them to be charged with air for power.
The best way to power paintball grenades and landmines is to use a small hand-held charger.  These are cheap and effective and come in several styles; the best chargers have a regulator so you can keep track of how much air is used and when your landmine or grenade is full.  Most chargers are designed to be used with your paintball CO2 tank, however some also allow transferring air from disposable CO2 cartridges.
Besides an air charger, other accessories required by paintball grenades and landmines include ammunition you want to shoot.  For a launcher, you will need a grenade shell loaded with paintballs.  Because paintball grenade launchers spray a short range burst of paint when they explode, they are not for precision targeting, but rather blanketing your opponents within 50 feet.  Paintballs of the least quality that have slight defects will be trouble for precision shooting – but perfect for paintball grenade launchers!
Re-useable paintball landmines can be filled with either paint or simulation smoke powder.  Paintball paint is available in powder form and must be mixed to use in a tactical paintball landmine.  This paint mixes easily (just by adding water), is fairly cheap to buy and provides several uses.  Smoke simulation powder is also available, easy to use and very affordable.
When activated, paintball landmines explode an upward spray of paint or smoke.  This tactical equipment is best used as a stealth measure for hiding an invisible perimeter or passive sneak attack against your opponents.  Some paintball landmines can also use explosion caps to simulate a loud, surprising bang when activated.
Some paintball landmine and grenade accessories must be purchased repeatedly after use, like paintballs, paint mix and explosion caps.  Buy your paintball accessories at ChoicePaintballGuns to keep your favorite sport affordable.  We strive to offer quality paintball gear and equipment at cheap discount prices so you will want to shop with us over and over again!

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