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Paintball Ammunition Used For Crowd Control or Deterring Pests is Cheap & Effective. Here We Offer Clear Paintballs, Rubber Rounds, Empty Shells & Less Lethal Ammunition For Cheap Prices

Believe it or not there are other uses for paintball guns than just playing paintball.  Other types of ammunition exist for paintball markers that make them quite useful for military/law enforcement combat training, crowd control or even varmint/pest control.  Here is a great selection of interesting products for both .68 and .43 caliber paintball guns…
Buck Lure Scented Paintballs (Tube of 10)Buck Lure Scented Paintballs (Tube of 10)
Empty Paintball Shell (.68) (Bag of 100)Empty Paintball Shell (.68) (Bag of 100)
Empty Paintball Shell (.68) (Bag of 25)Empty Paintball Shell (.68) (Bag of 25)
Glass Breaking Balls (Tube of 10)Glass Breaking Balls (Tube of 10)
Inert Powder Balls (Bucket of 1000)Inert Powder Balls (Bucket of 1000)
Inert Powder Balls (Tube of 10)Inert Powder Balls (Tube of 10)
Less Lethal Inert Powder Training Rounds (Bottle of 100)Less Lethal Inert Powder Training Rounds (Bottle of 100)
Peppershot Live Agent RoundsPeppershot Live Agent Rounds
Peppershot Max Payload Less Lethal Rounds (Tube of 10)Peppershot Max Payload Less Lethal Rounds (Tube of 10)
RAP4 Paint MixRAP4 Paint Mix
Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 Rounds)Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 Rounds)
Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (40 Rounds)Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (40 Rounds)
Paintball guns and supplies are also commonly used by military and law enforcement units for tactical combat training.  Realistic equipment and guns loaded with safe ammunition allow for extremely life like scenarios to prepare for the stress of actually being under fire.  Paintballs containing clear paint leave no mess and offer more options for training locations.
Police also commonly use paintball equipment for ‘less lethal’ crowd control in riot situations.  Less lethal rounds include paintball gun ammunition that can be shot into unruly crowds that sting but won't cause any permanent damage.  Rubber balls that can be shot from a paintball marker are very effective for this purpose.
Less lethal rounds and clear paintballs also work very well when used for deterring pesky varmints from frequenting your property.  Raccoons and stray cats that tear up your garbage tend to remember the sting of a rubber ball round or clear paintball enough to take their destructive party elsewhere.
It may surprise you how many other uses there are for your paintball marker!  Shop for all your paintball ammunition needs at ChoicePaintballGuns to select from the best quality products at the lowest prices.  We offer secure shopping and fast order processing so it’s easy to get your favorite paintball supplies delivered right to your door.

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