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Bring On the Heavy Fire Power with Big, Custom Built, Military Replica Paintball Machine Guns. Here We Offer The Best Extreme Custom Tactical Machine Gun Paintball Markers For Sale

Scenario paintball games are much more fun when the guns and gear are the most realistic.  Adding a custom built big gun tactical paintball marker to your game will not only up the realism, but you will rule the field with heavy fire power!  Here is a selection of the best large size replica paintball machine guns you will find…
Breda M37 8mm Machine GunBreda M37 8mm Machine Gun
M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Machine GunM249 SAW Minimi Paintball Machine Gun
M249 SAW Paintball Machine GunM249 SAW Paintball Machine Gun
M249 SAW Para Paintball Machine GunM249 SAW Para Paintball Machine Gun
RAP4 MG42 Paintball Machine GunRAP4 MG42 Paintball Machine Gun
T68 M1919 Browning Machine GunT68 M1919 Browning Machine Gun

Besides adding a fun, new spice to your game, big paintball guns also have several other advantages.  Just walking onto the field with a monster-sized custom paintball marker immediately strikes a nervous fear in all your opponents.  When they see your team has ‘paintball heavy artillery’, their hearts will sink – no one wants these machine guns pointed at them!
Large replica paintball guns are primarily used in tactical scenario paintball by the back players or heavy gunners.  These heavy machine guns are meant to squat, sit and shoot, rather than be carried around.  Most have bipods to stabilize them and are best used to provide back up fire power as cover for the more forward positions.  Some of the biggest custom military replica paintball machine guns can even be mounted onto a vehicle.
Before purchasing one of these extreme tactical paintball guns, there are several important facts you should know.  The most important thing to realize is that you must have patience if you want one of these big guns.  ALL large sized replica paintball guns are custom built to order and can take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for production time; sometimes if a part is needed, it can take months.
Before hitting the ‘submit’ button to complete your purchase, make sure you are confident and committed in your decision.  Once the manufacturers begin the production of your custom paintball machine gun, backing out early will cost you a cancellation fee that will cause you to still want to go through with the deal.
However, these guns are completely custom-built, totally accurate, historically correct in every way and built super sturdy, to withstand serious pressure.  If you’re looking for a great time on the tactical paintball field, big machine gun markers are totally worth the money.  Because they are so expensive, we have sold few; however the customers are always totally satisfied and we have never had a return!
When you’ve studied them enough and are ready to make a purchase, buy your favorite big machine gun paintball marker from ChoicePaintballGuns.  We are glad to answer any questions you may have to help you make the best decision.  We are also good at keeping you updated throughout the production process of your gun, sending you a tracking number when it finally ships.  Our website ordering process is totally secure and safe for large transactions such as these.

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