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Valken V-Max Loader - Black

Valken V-Max Loader - Black

Valken V-Max Loader - Black
MarpatTiger StripeVCamWoodlandACU
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The Valken V-Max Loader will give you speed and style on the field.  This electronic paintball gun loader is great for both speedball and scenario games.  Sleek, easy to use and compatible with any .68 caliber paintball marker, the Valken V-Max Loader will satisfy you with it's looks and performance.

Wouldn't it be great to match your hopper to the rest of your paintball gear?  Choose the camouflage pattern to match your tactical vest or fatigues for an awesome cohesive tactical appearance.  Imagine how awesome your gun set-up would look like if you used camouflage tape on your tactical paintball marker and a matching camouflage hopper!

The Valken V-Max Loader carries 220 x .68 caliber paintballs and shoots an amazing 30 balls per second!  This will greatly speed up how quickly your paintball gun fires!  Combined with an electronic trigger on your marker, you will be able to deliver a near constant stream of paintballs at your enemies.

The V-Max has a fairly simple design; it requires no tools and comes apart/re-assembles in seconds for quick, easy field cleaning.  The battery door is located on the outside of the loader for convenient battery replacement and without having to disassemble the unit.  It also features an easy, one-touch On/Off button and LED display. 

The Valken V-Max Loader will not throw off the balance of your painball marker like some hopper models; it weighs less than 1lb.  with the batteries in!  There are also several colors to choose from; black, Tiger Stripe, Marpat (digi camo), VCam (eight color desert), ACU and Woodland.

Buy the Valken V-Max Loader for the latest, lightest and fastest new paintball gun hopper on the market.  It's also the only electronic loader you can get in camouflage colors in existance.  Make your purchase with ChoicePaintballGuns and you will be impressed with our service, fast shipping and secure nature of our checkout process.

- 30 balls per second
- 220 ball capacity
- weighs under 1 lb.
- simple design
- easy to clean and maintain
- fast, tool-less disassembly
- quick change lid
- fast battery replacement
- One touch On/Off button
- LED diplay

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