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Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader

Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader

Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader
SSL loaderTippmann SSL Loader
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The Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader Feeds Your Paintball Gun at Lightening Speed. Shoot faster with the Tippmann SSL200 Loader to speed feed your marker. 15 bps, lightweight design and quiet operation makes this custom performance enhancer a must have and for a very cheap price.

- 200 Ball Capacity
- 15 Balls Per Second
- Keeps Balls From ''Popcorning''
- Low profile design
- Low Battery Indicator
- Spring Loaded Lid
- Wide Mouth Opening for Easy Refills
- LED Operating Controls
- Bend Sensor Technology
- Adjustable O-rings neck to fit most markers

An easy way to get your paintball marker to shoot faster is to try an electronic loader. These accessories will feed the paintballs faster and therefore speed up your gun's rate of fire. The Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader is a reliable upgrade for your paintball gun and will definitely speed things up! 

The Tippmann SSL200 has a lightweight, aerodynamic design that will make it seem like it's hardly there. This electronic loader is not only a great price, but it has a killer technology built into it. The patented bend sensor activates only when the marker is being fired; this means your balls are only being fed when you're shooting your paintball gun. 

This saves on battery life and is a more efficient way of loading your paintballs. It also features a smooth agitator that keeps balls from 'popcorning'. You can expect a speedy 15 balls per second from the Tippmann SSL200 Loader. This electronic hopper holds 200 rounds and has a sleek low profile design. 

The Tippmann SSL200 electronic loader features a low battery indicator and an adjustable o-ring neck so it will fit most paintball markers with a .68 caliber standard size hopper feed. This loader will not fit large mouth hopper feed guns like the Tippmann A5 or X7 Phenom. 

Buy the Tippmann SSL200 Electronic Loader from ChoicePaintballGuns for a great low price. We keep this product in stock and ready to ship as they are very popular. Enjoy same day order processing and fast shipping when you buy this product from our store.
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