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Tiberius 8.1 & 9.1 Complete Service Kit

Tiberius 8.1 & 9.1 Complete Service Kit

Tiberius 8.1 & 9.1 Complete Service Kit
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The only thing more disappointing than a break down in the middle of a game.... is not having the right parts to fix your marker and having to call it a short day. If you own a Tiberius Arms T8.1 or T9.1 paintball gun, this won't happen to you if you have this Complete Service Kit.

The Tiberius 8.1/9.1 Complete Service Kit will keep you stocked with nealy all necessary extra parts you may need to fix your gun on the spot. While Tiberius Arms paintball guns are second to none in quality and reliability, you never know when something might happen in the midst of a rough game.

In the rare event your T8.1 or T9.1 pistol or tactical rifle needs a tune-up, the Tiberius 8.1/9.1 Complete Service Kit is a smart buy. Enclosed in a small, easy to carry, locked-lid plastic box, this kit is perfect for taking to the field and even carrying it on your body (depending on the size of your pockets).

This parts kit contains the most common internal parts needed for both the T8.1 and T9.1 Tiberius Arms paintball guns. It also has the correct sized alan wrenches you will need for these guns to perform any surgery it might need or for adding/removing accessories.

Buy the Tiberius 8.1 & 9.1 Complete Service Kit from for an excellent discounted price. This is a necessary accessory and we make it easy and convenient to acquire with our simple, secure checkout process. 
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