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Spyder Hammer 7 Mag Fed Tactical Package

Spyder Hammer 7 Mag Fed Tactical Package

Spyder Hammer 7 Mag Fed Tactical Package
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For the ultimate paintball experience, choose the front lines as your battleground. This takes guts, fast moves and a paintball gun that's accurate, compact and easy to wield. For the most aggressive fun, use a replica paintball shotgun and feel the power of pump action!

The Spyder Hammer 7 is a realistic, pump action magazine fed, .68 caliber paintball gun that's fantastic for the mid and front player in any scenario game. This gun is easy to shoot and take care of, looks great and puts others to shame with amazing accuracy.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, the Spyder Hammer 7 will wow you with features. With an interchangeable clamping feed neck, this gun can be either magazine or hopper fed. Use the magazine for amazing realism; add a hopper on the fly for extra ammo. 

The Spyder Hammer 7 is also 'First Strike Equipped', meaning this gun can shoot the extremely accurate, aerodynamic Tiberius First Strike paintballs. The Hammer 7 comes with a 9 round First Strike capable magazine that can also use standard .68 caliber balls. 

First Strike paintballs however shoot much farther and straighter than standard balls and are excellent for precision sniping. Use your MR5 Dual Feed system to fire standard .68 caliber rounds from the hopper feed; then switch to the magazine feed for First Strike paintball precision sniping a specific target! 

The Spyder Hammer 7 can operate on either CO2 or compressed air and has an internal velocity adjuster. You will love how realistic this pump action shotgun paintball marker is to wield and shoot. The Hammer 7 features a .45 caliber style pistol grip and acts very much like a sawed off shotgun. The Spyder Hammer 7 also has a picatinny top rail for further customization options.

Buy the Spyder Hammer 7 from ChoicePaintballGuns and we will try to 'wow' you with service! We are also glad to offer this top quality, high tech paintball marker at such a low price. Our store makes it easy and cost effective to get completely outfitted with the best equipment you can buy.

- Mil-Sim, Shotgun Style, Pump-Action Paintball Marker
- “FSE” First Strike™ Equipped
- 9 Round First Strike™ Capable Magazine Included
- Shotgun Style Pump Foregrip
- .45 Caliber Style Pistol Grip
- Auto Trigger
- Picatinny Top Rail w/ Picatinny Feed Neck Cover Plate
- 12” Hammer Barrel w/ Standard Threaded AR15 Muzzle Brake
- High Impact Polymer, Clamping Center Feed Neck Included (shown in call-out box)
- High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
- 13° Rear Body ASA
- Internal Velocity Adjuster
- Capable to shoot .68 Caliber & First Strike™ Paintballs
- Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

This package includes:
- 1 x Spyder Hammer 7 pump action paintball gun
- 1 x 5oz./7oz./13ci/17ci Tank Buttstock Plate
- 4 x Spyder First Strike Compatible Magazines
- 1 x AG1 Mag Fed .68 cal Paintballs (500 ct.)
- 1 x USMG Gun Fighter Plate Carrier Tactical Vest
- 1 x SOF Full Finger Tactical Gloves
- 2 x MOLLE M4/M16 Magazine Pouches
- 1 x Hawkeye Training Goggles
- 1 x 5oz. CO2 Tank
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