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Karnage Rip Tournament Grade Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Karnage Rip Tournament Grade Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Karnage Rip Tournament Grade Paintballs (2000 ct.)
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In paintball there is nothing more frustrating than your paint not flying strait or not breaking when it hits your target. Paintballs not breaking and bouncing off their targets has cost many teams matches. Tournament grade paintball ammo has a much thinner shell than traditional paint so they will break instead of bounce. Premium grade paintball ammunition is also extremely consistent in size and shape. Therefore it is much more accurate and reliable than cheaper paintball ammo. If you own a top end electronic tournament marker that is a sensitive precision instrument, it will not perform at its best without premium paint.
However, the best competition grade paint is typically much more expensive than non tournament grade ammo even when you purchase it in bulk. But it is necessary if you own a high end tournament marker or want to make sure all of your hits count. .68 cal Karnage Rip Tournament Grade paint is some of the best, most well reviewed ammo on the market. It has a very thin shell that doesn’t break in your gun, but does break on target.  It is extremely accurate and very reliable.
They also have a thick neon fill that is very bright and easy to see, making it very difficult for cheaters! Not only that but when you compare Karnage Rip to other top rated .68 caliber tournament grade ammo it is quite a bit cheaper. Purchasing it in a bulk case of 2,000 saves you even more money and will ensure you and your team do not run out of the best tournament grade paint during your next tournament.
We offer .68 cal cases of 2,000 Karnage Rip tournament grade paint for sale at the best discount price possible. We currently have our 2,000 count boxes of Karnage Rip paint on sale for only $45! That is nearly half of the normal resale price. Take advantage of this discounted price and stock up on the best tournament grade paint. With our discount prices, excellent customer services and fast affordable shipping we make it easy and affordable for you to stock up on the Karnage Rip Tournament Grade Paint you need.  We are also glad to offer discounts on bulk size orders, however volume order discounts start at 30 boxes. 

*Color choice is not guaranteed and subject to current stock availability. If you must have a certain color, please call us in advance so we can check availability first.
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