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Karnage Burn Recreational Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Karnage Burn Recreational Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Karnage Burn Recreational Paintballs (2000 ct.)
Karnage bite yellow fillKarnage bite orange fill
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Just like any sport the more you shoot and practice paintball, the better of a player and the more accurate you will become. To get good, you must practice, shoot and play a lot and this requires a lot of ammo. It is really easy to go through a lot of paintballs really quickly. This is why it is so important to always have a lot of new paintballs on hand. Most players complain this is the most expensive part of our sport. If you buy and use cheap low quality discount paintballs they are not very accurate and can be extremely unreliable.
Low quality discount paintballs for sale are responsible for inconsistent shooting and often break inside your gun rather than on your target making a messy, difficult clean up. When you have cheap, low quality, in-accurate and inconsistent paintballs it makes practicing and playing extremely difficult and it’s impossible to improve your skills. To get better at paintball and give yourself a fair chance while playing, you must have reliable and accurate ammo.  Whether you’re practicing or just playing for fun, the best quality paintballs are a must for the best experience.
This doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money either. When you buy extremely expensive new paintballs you are going to try to conserve them making you stingy with your shots and practice time. This will prevent you from getting the practice you need to improve and reduce the amount of targets you hit while playing. Cheap, bulk cases of 2000 Karnage Burn Recreational paintballs for sale are the best quality, most affordable, reliable, and accurate ammunition you can buy for practice and play. Karnage .68 caliber paintballs will splat on target every time and you can spend more time playing and less time cleaning your gun from broken balls. Karnage Burn Recreational .68 cal paintballs have a consistent medium firm shell with thick, bright colored orange or yellow fill.
Besides being some of the best most reliable and accurate .68 caliber practice paintballs for sale, Karnage Burn Recreational grade ammo is some of the cheapest priced paintballs. This allows you to affordably practice and play more often and get better faster. Buying Karnage discounted bulk cases of 2000 new paintballs is an even better deal. Saving you even more money making it that much more affordable to practice and play more frequently. Also by purchasing a cheap bulk case of 2000 accurate .68 caliber paintballs you will not have to worry about running out of ammo for awhile. There is nothing worse than running out of paintballs in the middle of practice session or actual game.
While shipping cases of paintballs through the mail can be costly, the quality of Karnage brand ammunition and the deal you get by buying a discount bulk case of 2000 make it affordable.  The cheap case of 2000 is on sale normally for only $35 that is less than 2 cents per paintball! Save even more money on necessary paintball ammo getting the best deal possible when you buy from our online tactical paintball supplies store. We have Karnage bulk case 2000 ct. paintballs for the cheap discounted sale price of only $33.75 with fast, affordable shipping. Save even more money and get an even better deal when purchasing multiple cases in bulk!  If you want to buy multiple cases and make your cost per paintball that much cheaper please contact us for a quote. 

*Color choice is not guaranteed and subject to current stock availability. If you must have a certain color, please call us in advance so we can check availability first. Karnage Burn Recreational paintballs are not available in winter formula.
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