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Empire E-Vents Mask Thermal Lens

Empire E-Vents Mask Thermal Lens

Empire E-Vents Mask Thermal Lens
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If you play hard enough to win, your equipment will take a beating. Even if you take great care of your paintball mask, eventually you will get a scratch on the lens. If you've put down a chunk of change for your mask, it's smart to invest in a replacement lens to keep your mask in top shape.
Your Empire EVents paintball mask will also look much more awesome with dark, smoked or mirrored lenses; choose the style you think looks the coolest and helps you the most on the field. Numerous colors are available including clear, blue, gold, smoked, yellow, amber and black.
The mirrored or black lenses give your mask and awesome look and keep your competition from seeing inside. The yellow, amber and smoke lenses do a great job reducing glare on a sunny day. All the Empire E-Vents mask lenses are thermal and excellent for preventing mask fogging.
The Empire E-Vents Mask Thermal Lenses are compatible with all Empire E-Vents and Vents masks. They are easy to install and a smart way to get more life out of your paintball mask. Buy your replacement or extra lenses from our online store for an easy, convenient way to stock up on your favorite paintball gear and save money doing it.
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