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Dangerous Power E1 Marker

Dangerous Power E1 Marker

Dangerous Power E1 Marker
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Dangerous Power paintball markers are fantastic entry level competition guns that offer optimum performance at a low price. The E1 touches the fine points of Dangerous Power's accomplishments and performance. The E1 is equipped with a micro-switch board capable of firing in Semi-auto mode & Full-auto fire modes capped at 25 bps.

The Dangerous Power E1 also has a high pressure regulator, allowing the gun to operate at a consistent low pressure of 200psi, shooting at a rate of 280 fps. The E1's high pressure regulator is composed of the same operating pressure regulator (OPR) as the highly acclaimed G3's system & internals. The E1's OPR's operation is also very service-friendly & easy to maintain.

This marker also has a technology called a Dump Valve Bolt System. This is one of the finest and most efficient firing systems for Dangerous Power's spool valve markers. Maintenance for the fire assembly is simple & is constructed of only 2 moving parts. Again, the E1's fire assembly and operation proceeds from the G3's heritage, DP's greatest achievement.

-Length: 15.38 Inches / 390.8 MM
-Height: 7.58 Inches / 192.5 MM
-Weight: 1.91 LBS / 869 G (w/ battery)
-Operating Pressure: 200PSI / 280 FPS
-9.5" Single Barrel
-Slide'n Lock Feedneck
-Reinforced E1 Eye Cover
-Reinforced Back Cap
-Slim Profile Twist-Knob ASA
-3-Point Trigger adjustment
-Operating Pressure Regulator (OPR)
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