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D3fy D3S Paintball Gun - Black

D3fy D3S Paintball Gun - Black

D3fy D3S Paintball Gun - Black
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The D3S paintball marker has been designed to be user friendly and extremely reliable. It's been tested in various scenarios and stressed to the max. No matter what we put it through, it continues to operate with supreme consistency. Step up your game without breaking the bank with the D3FY D3S Paintball Marker.

The Anti-Chop Red Optics System (ACROS) is a break beam laser omitting optic. The ACROS eyes is designed to prevent paintballs from chopping in the chamber giving the player one less thing to worry about. The F2 Bolt engine unique design integrates both the bolt and pressure regulator into a single functioning system. Allowing the marker to operate between 140 and 150 psi. Air Source: Compressed Air ONLY.
The Direct Drive System Solenoid/Valve directs air to the F2 Bolt engine allowing for a smooth and low operating pressure. Specific air ports were placed to reduce the amount of air needed to release the paintballs from the barrel without compromising it’s efficiency. Thus giving you more time on the field and less time off.
The Rhyno skin sly tough body cover is made of a high strength Poly(Vinyl Chloride) blend material, allowing it to have a thin shell without compromising its strength. The Tadao SQ Ronin Board caters to all levels of play, with features like; Eye status, Battery life, LED Menu system and Zero power drain while turned off. The board also offers the Industry's first anti-breech bounce software which reduces chopping when the loader is running low on paint.
Multiple modes of fire to ensure compliance with all major tournament series: unlimited semi-automatic, adjustable semi-automatic, PSP ramping, PSP 3 round burst, NXL full-automatic, Millennium ramping, custom ramping, auto-response, 3 round burst and full-automatic. This slick contour profile on/off ASA rises the airflow from your tank to the regulator without the use of fittings and hoses. It’s smooth beveled knob gives the player a reliable grip for an effortless transition from on to off.  

• (autococker) Threaded barrel
• (matrix) Threaded feedneck
• Operating pressure 140-150 psi
• Power source 9v (optimum performance 9.6v)
• Air source; compressed air; operates on high, mid or low pressure output (optimum performance mid pressure output)
• Shots with 68/4500 = 7 pods (approx. 980 shots)
• Shots with 48/3000 = 3 pods (approx. 420 shots)
• Unbalanced spool valve design
• Aluminum Inner Body and Trigger Frame
• (metric) Hex keys
• Length 20.5 inches with barrel
• Height 8 inch
• Width 1.5 inch
• Weight 2 lbs.
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