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  1. Spherical Glory just finished their first practice/tryout as a team and I'm glad to say, things are looking good.  We would still like to find about four more players before we begin entering 7 man events but with a start up crew like this it will be hard to go wrong. We've got Mike Koehnke, team captain and the clear leader of the group.  Mike is going to be playing snake and snake side mid for Spherical Glory in the following spring season as we would like to take advantage of his speed and agility.
  2. A few months ago my team, Spherical Glory, reunited after being away from paintball for a few years. When we last played some of us were just 15 or 16, and I know that I personally played timidly.  We had to rely on our parents for transportation and money to play, which eventually led to our downfall.  We did go out on a high note, winning our last tournament but after that it seemed to be too much of a hassle to play.  I finally started playing again for the first time two months ago, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with myself.

  3. For some people, assembling a paintball team is a hard thing to do.  When I first started playing, all of my friends were a lot better than me and none of them really wanted me to be on their team.  I have to admit, back then I probably wouldn’t have of wanted me on my team either; my skills were pretty poor.  For me, finding a team took a lot more than just asking around.  It took getting my name out there with consistent great performances on the field; it took some determination and a lot of practice.

  4. We are the Mercinary Assault Recon Squadron (M.A.R.S), a competitive scenario paintball team from South Newfane, Vermont.  Currently we have 11 members; we officially started our team on August 12, 2010.  We are a new team but competitive, aggressive and love to have fun playing paintball in big scenarios and tournaments.  We have also recently become sponsored by  

    Here is our team roster and preferred equipment list.

  5. We are MA Aftermath.  We are a competitive paintball team of four teens, all 15 years old. We love paintball and are always looking to step our game up. We plays tons of woodsball and scenario events; these are our favorite, but occasionally we’ll practice some speedball games as well just to practice maneuvering and working as a team.
    We Christian 'Smooth' Osinski (3 yrs.

  6. Paintball Practice Tips

    Here's a short list of things you should practice to become better at paintball.  This is the boring type of practice - not necessarily the practice that comes with just playing and playing paintball; we're talking about training specific movements and skills to help sharpen your shooting skills and physical ability to move.

  7. Good paintball tactics include knowing the lay of the land, knowing where your teammates (and enemies) are, and maintaining formations that will provide cover for your teammates.  One thing's for sure, using all the right strategies will definitely put you in a better position to have success on the field.  First, go over a game plan with your teammates prior to the start of a match.

  8. If your Paintball Team wants to survive in competitive games, have players that partner and protect one another throughout the match.  One of the most common strategies during an attack is the assault that features the utility player or back player and the point man....  When teams launch an offensive, the point man leads the assault towards the opposing team's end of the field, while the back player provides mostly cover fire.

  9. We are Team Trinity! 
    We are a 3-man woodsball/scenario team.  We have been to Invasion Normandy at Skirmish USA 4 times and are also going this summer.  We are also interested in speedball tournaments but have yet to be involved in this type of competition.

  10. Cruel Intentions Paintball Team

    We are Cruel Intentions Paintball Team out of Bridgeport, WV.  We have a 3-man team and like to compete in speedball matches; we all use Planet Eclipse (Ego 7's and Etek 2) paintball markers.  Our primary objective is to positively promote the sport of paintball to new and experienced players.

  11. New Breed Paintball - Review

    I just recently played at a paintball field called New Breed Paintball in West Milford NJ.

  12. My Goals For The Midwest Assassins

    My goals with the Midwest Assassins (my paintball team) are to be the best paintball team ther is.  I want to make money for playing; I want to make it to the big leagues.... a professional paintballer.  I also hope to be able to build our own paintball field.

  13. Midwest Assassins Goals

    We are the Midwest Assassins paintball team.  Our goal is to become pro in the future and get paid to travel and play paintball.  As the Captain of the Midwest Assassins, I want to teach new kids and teens how to play paintball and have fun.

  14. Example of Good Sponsorship Request Letter

    Hello, we are Vindictive Fallout a paintball team from Attleboro, Massachussetts. We are currently playing at the rookie level and looking to move up to novice by the end of the season. We normally practice at Providence Indoor Paintball or Monster paintball on a weekly basis.

  15. How Does Your Team Practice?

    We like to go out to the Team Leader's father-in-law's house and practice tactical paintball games out in the woods.
  16. Team Practice

    The first, most important thing that you have to do as a team is practice; so you can get to know each other's style and so you can trust your teammates.  Does this mean hours of boring drills?  Not at all!  Rocky Knuth, Captain of the Pro team Naughty Dogs, said that his team spends about 20% of their practice time on the field doing drills, and 80% of their time actually out scrimmaging, just playing paintball, against each other and against other teams.

  17. Great Traits for a Teammate

    You must have a positive attitude, be dedicated to fair play and be willing to set an example, that is all part of being on a team. There is nothing more inexpert than watching a player, or a team for that matter, throwing a temper tantrum due to something that happened on the field.

  18. How To Start A Paintball Team 

    First you get a few buddies who love to play paintball and go out and play.  If it looks like you're with a crew that seems to work together and wants to have more organization and actually compete against other teams, you ask them if they want make a paintball team.

  19. Paintball Team Sponsorship

    If you're a paintball team looking for sponsorship, approach potential sponsors carefully.  There's a lot more to it than just trying to score free paintball gear.  You'll do better with sponsorships if you realize that you're entering into a business relationship with a company.  A sponsor might provide you with free or discounted paintball supplies; paintball guns, CO2 cartridges, paintball masks, jerseys, paintball bunkers or paintballs.

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