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AirowGun Infinite Edge Paintball Gun

AirowGun Infinite Edge Paintball Gun

AirowGun Infinite Edge Paintball Gun
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Even if you’re not a sniper, having a paintball gun that shoots farther and more accurately than any other on the field is a terrific advantage. Even with rifled barrels, it’s common for tactical paintball markers to fall short of their targets more often than not. Another downfall of sniper paintball guns is how heavy they tend to get; with a lengthy sniper scope, ultra long barrel and cumbersome air tank, these guns can be slow to wield.
After lugging your marker and full air tank around, don’t get too comfortable when you finally find your perfect hiding place… even the most realistic tactical paintball guns have a fairly loud ‘pop’ when fired. You may only get off a few shots before your enemy discovers your location from all the noise you’re making.
These problems are easily solved with the Airowgun Razor Edge Paintball Gun. The Airowgun is the absolute latest in paintball technology; it’s the only bow-powered paintball marker in the world today. The Airowgun Razor Edge paintball gun is a completely functional compound bow with a paintball barrel apparatus that shoots .68 caliber paintballs.
The paintball apparatus can also be mounted onto most other compound and recurve bows with aluminum risers. Consisting of the barrel and ‘air push’ physics technology, the Airowgun is ultra-quiet and makes only a silent ‘swoosh’ of the bowstring as it’s fired. With no noise from shooting, your opponents will never figure out your location!
The Airowgun is also deadly accurate and outranges most other paintball markers by nearly 30 feet. This tactical paintball bow will shoot farther and more accurately than any other paintball gun, giving you a sniper’s advantage every time. An air pressure control knob makes it easy to adjust the velocity of this gun ranging from 240-300 fps.
One of the best features of the Airowgun Razor Edge paintball gun is it’s completely independent of an air tank… no more lugging around a cumbersome CO2 or compressed air tank! This lightens up your load considerably, making the Airowgun super easy to wield, carry and travel with. Just imagine how much money and trouble you will save never having to re-fill your air tank; no more interruptions in your game because of an empty air tank!  
The AirowGun includes a 10 round feeding tube, but can be equipped with any high capacity hopper. Most players choose to carry light ammo and play the true role of a precision sniper – every shot must count. However with no air tank or heavy ammunition container, the Airowgun Razor Edge paintball gun super lightweight and easy to move quickly with.
The Airowgun Razor Edge paintball gun is made onto a high quality Diamond Razor Edge Bow system. This bow features dual cams and a rotating module system that allows you to customize for various draw lengths from 19” to 29”. This also allows for a very varied draw weight range to customize from 30 to 60 lbs. The Airowgun’s Diamond Razor Edge bow can be used as a low end hunting bow, however excellent as a target practice bow; it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Comfortable to hold and use, lightweight to carry, deadly accurate and shoots farther than any paintball gun, the Airowgun Razor Edge paintball gun is a fantastic buy. As a combination product featuring both a paintball gun and compound hunting bow, the price of the Airowgun is extremely cheap! When you buy it from Choicepaintballguns, not only will you get the lowest price but excellent service as well. 
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