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Don’t put your Smart Parts paintball marker in the closet when you’re bored of it – turn it into a completely different weapon with an upgrade kit!  Modification kits available for Smart Parts guns are for their tactical models, the SP1 and SP8.  While there are several more possibilities for the SP1, there are also numerous accessories to upgrade the SP8 as well.

Smart Parts SP1 Enforcer KitSmart Parts SP1 Enforcer Kit
Smart Parts SP1 M4 Carbine CQB KitSmart Parts SP1 M4 Carbine CQB Kit
Smart Parts SP1 M4 Carbine KitSmart Parts SP1 M4 Carbine Kit
Smart Parts SP1 Sidewinder Sniper KitSmart Parts SP1 Sidewinder Sniper Kit
SP8 Night Ops KitSP8 Night Ops Kit

The SP1 was born to be upgraded; this becomes evidently clear when you see how easy accessories are to install and how awesome this gun looks dressed in different clothing.  The SP1 makes a killer sniper paintball gun with the 20” barrel, dual offset mount and powerful 5X42 scope (all included in the SP1 sniper kit).  The Sidewinder Sniper Kit is the most popular and includes the realistic MK23 silencer – offering a total of 22 inches of barrel length.

The M4 carbine kits are also an excellent way to juice up your SP1 paintball gun.  They make it possible for players to begin scenario paintball with a classic Smart Parts basic marker, and upgrade it for more advanced play when ready.  The M4 carbine CQB kit will not only give your SP1 a realistic tactical look, but will improve its performance as well.

If you’re lucky enough to own an SP8, upgrade it piece by piece to slowly transform it into the amazing Night Ops paintball marker.  Modify and tune up your Smart Parts tactical marker by shopping at – and save money doing it!  Check out our full line of paintball accessories and transform your SP1 or SP8 into the gun of your dreams!

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