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Planet Eclipse Ego 11

Planet Eclipse Ego 11

Planet Eclipse Ego 11
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The Ego11 has been developed and created with the soul intention of giving the modern player the things they most desire in a modern paintball marker. A smoother shot. A quieter sound signature. Outstanding Efficiency. Unparalleled reliability. Simplicity. Industry-Leading Customer Service. Ergonomics. And built-in User Adjustability and choice. All from a company that whatever the situation, whatever the occasion, will always have your back.

Planet Eclipse has taken painstaking steps to help improve the “feel” of the marker during play, as well as improvements in its ability to handle super brittle tournament paint. Controlling the speed of the bolt in any marker is the key to achieving improved feel, reduced sound signature, and more gentle handling of the paintball within the gun. The more gentle the acceleration and deceleration of the system, the smoother the marker feels. The new Ego 11 has set the industry standard for this.

Internally the Ego11 boasts the Zick2 kit, the Cure3 bolt, the same adjustable LPR found on SLs as well as the LP protection vent that was found in the Ego10. All highly proven, tournament winning components.

And up front, you’ll find the new Shaft4 barrel in 14”, 0.689” bore configuration that has been receiving outstanding reviews since its launch on the Geo2 earlier this year. Re-designed for better efficiency and consistency, and ported for reduced sound signature, there really is no need to replace exceptional, stiff arbour honed, premium barrel.

Finally, the Ego11 comes packaged in a new zippered case, which includes in its contents a full hex key set, oil, barrel sock, full-color 84-page manual, and a comprehensive spares kit that includes regulator components, o-rings, detents, springs and screws.

Weight – 882g/1.94lb Including 14” Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS
Length – 542mm Including 14” Shaft4 Barrel
Height – 211mm
Width – 27mm
-Interface - 3 pushbuttons On Frame, Tourney Lock on PCB
-Display – Transflective LCD w/ Tru-Color Adjustable Backlite
-Power Supply – 1 x 9V (PP3) Battery
-ASA Mount – T-Slot mounted adjustable rail with POPS (Push On Purge System)
-Trigger Methods – Micro Switch and Break-Beam Opto-Switch
-Barrel – 2-Piece Micro Honed Shaft4 14” length 0.689” Bore
-Feed Tube – Lever Operated Clamping Feed with Sprocket Thumb Wheel
-Grip Type – Contoured Dual Density Grip
-Firing Modes – Semi and Ramping Capped and Uncapped

*Listed weight refers to shipping weight (packing included)
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Bad Mama Jama!This marker is like a paintball laser gun. incredibly fast & wicked light; great speed. Honestly, it was a bit too much for me at first, but I love it. Written by Hubert on Sat 12 May 2012 11:11:12 PM GMT
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