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Walther P99 RAM Paintball Pistol - Olive

Walther P99 RAM Paintball Pistol - Olive

Walther P99 RAM Paintball Pistol - Olive
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Choosing the right paintball pistol can really make or break your scenario game. Mostly used in close quarter battles, your pistol must be dependable, accurate and consistent. A tactical pistol should also be sturdy enough to handle the fast action, rough play common to scenario paintball. Cheap paintball pistols with flimsy, plastic parts are quick to break and may leave you stranded in the middle of battle.
It’s also definitely more fun when using a paintball pistol that’s as realistic as possible. Whether you’re playing scenario woodsball or some type of tactical training, realistic equipment makes all the difference in being able to totally immerse yourself for a complete experience. Paintball handguns that look like toys can detract from this and often get left in the holster.
If you’re looking for one of the most realistic tactical paintball pistols on the planet, the P99 is for you. As far as it looks, the way it feels in your hands and even the way it shoots, this gun is as close to the real thing as it gets. Perhaps this is why it’s so frequently used by military and law enforcement for training purposes – but the paintballers love the P99 too!

After just holding the P99 pistol in your hand for a short moment, you will be amazed at its weight and balanced feel. It’s obvious that Real Action Marker built this paintball pistol from the ground up to provide the ultimate realistic experience. The top slide cocking mechanism is not only another extremely lifelike feature but makes for easy access to the gun’s internals for cleaning and routine maintenance.

The P99 paintball gun is an exact replica of the Walther P99 pistol. It shoots .43 caliber paintballs or rubber balls and fits nicely in a small tactical holster to be carried on your waist, leg or attached to a tactical vest. The P99 is powered by a 12g disposable CO2 cartridge that fits neatly inside the handle of the gun. 12g CO2 cartridges are cheap, easy to find and will give between 4-5 magazines of shooting with this pistol.
The P99 also features a realistic ‘drop-out’ magazine that’s also hidden in the handle; the magazine holds 9 rounds. P99 magazines are small, light and easily carried in a holster or vest pocket; most paintballers carry several magazines during a game without a problem.  Another great feature of the P99 is a built-in rail underneath the end of the barrel. This makes it easy to slide on a laser or tactical flashlight.

The P99 pistol is also very sturdy and reliable. Made of the same materials as real firearms; lightweight metal and hard composite plastic, these guns rarely can easily withstand rough treatment of full combat play. The P99 is also backed by a 1 year warranty from a solid paintball company with great service (Real Action Marker).
The P99 is available in black, black w/silver top, black/olive and black/blue. It comes in a foam-lined, black, hard plastic gun case. It comes with one magazine, rubber squeegee barrel cleaner and maintenance oil. Additional .43 caliber magazine clips, .43 paintballs and other accessories are also available as add-ons to your order in the options below.
Easy to use and extremely realistic, the P99 pistol will make you feel like you're carrying a real pistol... on the paintball field! At, you will find the best prices on the internet for the P99 pistol. We are also glad to offer even better deals on volume purchases…. Contact us for a quote! Choose our store to purchase all your paintball supplies and we promise excellent, consistent service and great low prices.
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