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MilSig MK3 CQB Pro Starter Package (Out of Stock)

MilSig MK3 CQB Pro Starter Package (Out of Stock)

MilSig MK3 CQB Pro Starter Package (Out of Stock)
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This complete starter package consists of the Milsig MK3 CQB Pro marker w/13ci 3000psi hpa tank, an additional 4 magazines (5 total) and a tactical single-point elastic sling. Purchase the best gear in a package, get totally equipped and save money at the same time! 

The MK3 CQB is the lightest and most compact marker in the K-Series line up. The CQB easily outperforms other markers in its class in terms of accuracy, range, reliability, and efficiency. Its small size and low price makes it ideal for beginner players looking for a highly menueverable and reliable paintball marker. The CQB can be customized into a full size marker with optional front end kits and tactical stocks. This model includes upgraded aluminum internal components for increased performance and durability.

* 0.68 Cal. Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
*New HEAT Core Blow-Forward Spool Valve internal system
* Aluminum Alloy Reciever w/ Steel Reinforced Brackets
* Convertible Magazine-Fed and Hopper-Fed loading systems
* New Power Nozzle w/ Side Adjustable Velocity Ranging from 250-320fps
* Powered by HPA
* Weight: 1.57kg/3.75lbs.
* Length: 70cm/27.5"
* Barrel length: 20cm/8"

This package Includes:
- 1 x Milsig MK3 CQB PRO Marker
- 5 x 20 Round Magazines (Smoke)
- 1 x Single-Point Tactical Sling
- 1 x CQB Rail interface system
- 1 x MATS Stock
- 1 x 13ci 3000psi hpa tank
- 1 x 8" aluminum barrel
- 1 x Front and Rear Sights
- 1 x Hopper Feed Kit
- 1 x Barrel Cover/Barrel Plug
- 1 x Mini Toolkit
- 1 x User Manual

*Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery
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